About Us

They say that “necessity is the mother of invention” and for Firebud Brands this couldn’t be more appropriate. In 2004, while attending college in the South, my roommates and I decided to smoke a whole hog for our tailgate party. It was a big rivalry game and we had a lot of family and friends coming in town for the weekend, including my then-girlfriend-soon to be-wife’s parents.

Still with me? Good.

Football is religion down South and barbecue its holy wine. Failure was not an option. Naturally, we started this 20-hour endeavor at high noon on Friday, classes be damned. It was a long and arduous task, but someone had to keep the fire stoked and the cold beers flowing. At daybreak early Saturday morning, we found ourselves in the home stretch of a perfectly cooked pig…but alas! In our haste to acquire and prep the pig, fire, and cooler, we found ourselves without a proper sauce. Not willing to risk life, limb, or obvious prosecution from state officials behind the wheel, we weighed our options. The pig itself was as succulent and tender as we had envisioned, but we needed the “pièce de résistance”….I jumped in our kitchen and, after a few trial runs, our signature Slap Sauce© was born. Part mustard. Part vinegar. All good.

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