“Regardless of how I used (Alabama Salvation Sauce), it was exceptional. The flavor was bold and complex, but managed to compliment just about everything we paired it with…..(Alabama) Salvation Sauce’s strength is its versatility. It can be used like a BBQ Sauce for smoked or grilled meats. It can also be used as a mayo substitute in salads and on sandwiches. It’s been my “go to” condiment for the last few weeks….(Alabama) Salvation Sauce is the best of the bunch. It’s the type sauce you can use daily and pair with nearly every meal. It’s as good as any product that I’ve reviewed in recent memory.”

Derek, The “Q” Review

“All in all, (Slap Sauce) is one of the best mustard-based sauces I’ve ever tried…”

Brian, BBQSauceReviews.com

“Thinly sliced, bone-in pork chops cook up quickly while still maintaining great flavor. Paired up with your favorite BBQ sauce – I recommend Slap Sauce – and this dish is sure to be a favorite.”

Matt, The Art of Manliness 

“Slap Sauce has been my favorite mustard sauce to date….Slap Sauce is more what a good barbecue sauce should taste like. It delivers heat, tang, spices, and a little sweetness in an interesting progression from start to finish.”

Josh, The Meatwave

“I thoroughly enjoyed (Alabama Salvation Sauce)…..it really adds an interesting flavor and spiciness…no wonder it is a 2014 NBBQA  Awards of Excellence Winner!”

Seth, Grilling with Rich

“Slap Sauce is AWESOME…the tang from the mustard mixed with the sweet molasses and the bitter vinegar…this sauce is great!”

Chris, NineSpice

“Slap Sauce is a savory, mustard-vinegar hybrid meant for dousing anything from pulled pork to chicken wings, stir-frys and pretzels. Honestly, I pour this heavenly nectar into, onto (and under!) anything I can think of. After glazing some beef franks in Slap Sauce recently, Walt, my husband, uttered with all seriousness, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat a ‘regular’ hot dog again…”

Nealey, Edible Atlanta

“With the high quality of products, its no wonder I’ve become a fan of Firebud Brands sauces and rubs…I think (Body Buzz Rub) has become my new favorite rub.”

Seth, Grilling with Rich: Part 2

“These sauces are also fantastic on foods other than barbecue…(Alabama) Salvation Sauce on a juicy ribeye and Slap Sauce is wonderful with fish”

Laura, BuckHaven Lifestyle Magazine

“Slap Sauce is the signature sauce of Firebud Brands and its easy to see why…”

Rob, ULIKA Food Blog